Jeep Fuel Cell 20 Gallon 05-06 Wrangler TJ Pump Ring And Vent Valves Aluminum Bare GenRight

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Finally a tank specifically designed for hard core Jeeps that are Nolonger driven on the highway. By using this model tank it opens the entire under body area for radical Rear axle relocation. It is intended to be mounted behind the driver and passenger seats in the cargo area of a Jeep to keep the weight of the fuel central in the vehicle. Fits the New JK fuel module too!Features:

Works With 2005-2006 Jeep TJ Pump Ring and Vent Valves
Re-uses the factory Jeep in tank fuel pump module and sending unit
Includes the factory vent valves (aka roll over valves)
Tank is made of 1/8 inch thick Aluminum alloy and TIG welded
Includes two stainless steel mounting straps for secure mounting
Tank capacity is 20 Gallons
Size is 30 inches long x 12 inches tall x 14 inches wide
Includes special baffles inside tank
Includes a metal quarter turn, non vented (sealed) gas cap
2 Models that are designed to work with factory Jeep fuel pump modules from 1997-2006
Includes protective metal cover as shown in the pictures
Unpainted Finish
Sold As A Kit


Due to the non-stock location of this tank, this tank is Not considered street legal
For maximum safety and occupant protection we highly recommend using our metal protective cover be used to protect the tank and fuel pump from getting damaged while the vehicle is in operation
Electrical, fuel and vent connections must be extended to reach the New location